iq - the intelligent build tool

built from the ground up for fast, incremental builds

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Build smart, build fast

Yes, that's right: you've reached the home of one incredibly awesome build tool. Only problem is, it doesn't exist yet. Yeah .. I'm working on that.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this (entirely hypothetical) scenario:

$ iq start
    build daemon started for user 'fred' (/home/fred/.iq)
$ cd myproject
$ iq include .
    watching module defined at /home/fred/myproject/
$ echo "// just a comment" >> src/java/org/example/
$ iq tail 
      [fs] something happened /home/fred/myproject/src/java/org/example/
   [javac] compiling /home/fred/myproject/src/java/org/example/
     [jar] updating /home/fred/myproject/myproject.jar
  [launch] restarting: java -jar /home/fred/myproject/myproject.jar